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     Verena International Company Limited, a company with more than 30 years of experiences in retail business and beauty and spa. Verena International Co., Ltd.
is now a functional food and cosmetic manufacturer with the headquarter located in Maha Sarakham province, Heart of the Northeast of Thailand.
One of the company founder, Dr. Nathanon Trachoo is a Ph.D. graduate from the University of Georgia, U.S.A. in Food Science. He had worked as a university professor and researcher in functional foods and food safety for 19 years before he resigned from the university and started this company. Many of his researches have been
funded by Thailand’s leading research agencies including Thailand Research Fund (TRF), The Higher Education Commission (CHE) and National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC).  Nowadays, Verena has more than 180 employees working under the following company's core values; high performance, integrity and humbleness. Our employees intentionally work with the three core values to meet with our customer satisfaction and expectation.

The Beginning of International Accomplishment
     At verena, we intend to create high quality products to be satisfied and accepted by national and international customers. Therefore, a quality control system and laboratory are brought to support customer’s trust in our products. Every formulation of Verena’s products is created by experienced researchers and produced
by accredited factories. Ingredients in our products have been proved to be safe by worldwide researchers.  Every process of production is operated under GMP standard and ISO 9001-2008. All finished products are approved by the Thailand Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is not only the national and international standards have been applied to certify quality of Verena’s product, Verena is also awarded Thailand Trust Mark (TTM) by the Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce (DITP), Thailand. The TTM logo is permitted to place on all products packaging. This logo can assure that Verena’s products 
are great value and high quality for both national and international customers. Verena has more than 20 products to offer for our precious customers with
reasonable price, divided into 2 main categories, marketed both domestically and internationally, as follows: 1) Functional food products include I-Slym Coffee Plus,
P-Prosrim Coffee Plus, Verena the Secret, Verena Slin Express, Verena SP Fiber, Verena the Secret Plus, Verena L- Carnitine Apple Plus, Verena the Secret Wheatgrass Chlorophyll, Verena Soy Peptide Plus Mixed Fruit Berry, Verena L- Gluta Berry Plus, Verena Vite Secret. 2)  Body and skin care products include Bijou CC Cream SPF 50, Bijou Bee Venom Mask, Verena Gold Caviar Collagen Soap, Verena Gluta Tourmaline Soap, Verena Mahad Fruit and Herb Whitening Serum and Verena Gluta Serum. 
Domestically, Verena distributes its products via more than 5,500 stores, including drug stores, beauty stores, supermarkets, convenient stores and general retail stores. Verena also emphasizes on marketing channels to publicize the products domestically and overseas, which are social networks, TV channels and magazines. The published advertisements can be seen on our website. Furthermore, we serve our customers with telesales system or call center to inform and response all 
inquiries or beneficial information concerning Verena’s products to our customers.   According to our product's quality, certified by the national and international standards, Verena International Company Limited is ready to expand our local business into international markets. The first step of market expansion is participation
in international exhibitions in Lao and China, organized by DITP. We also have had a chance to visited Cambodia and Vietnam to promote our products with Cambodian and Vietnamese dealers. In the future, we are planning to publicize our products to be widely recognized by international customers, and trying to
seek good business partners or dealers in different countries.

Every Verena employee strives to manufacture and provide our customers with safe and high  quality products compliant with domestic and international standards.

Corporate’s Core Values

  1.  Integrity
     Integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Employees should be honest and have strong moral
principles and moral uprightness. This is the most important quality of a human being.

  2. High Performance
     Employees should consider the company’s benefits as a goal of working.  All activities of the company should be managed to utilize minimal
time and resources. Employees should be proactive and improve himself all the time, in order to create high quality of works. We must
recognize that every resources in this world are limited and should be used carefully for the next generations.

  3. Humbleness
     Humbleness is an act of a person believing that you are not self-importance.  Verena employee should honor and respect on other people's opinions and should not look down on the others. A simple way of humble expression is Wai. Wai is a traditional way of Thai greeting. Wai is
the way to build up friendship and cooperation within our organization. Sometimes we have different opinions, we should still listen and
express our thoughts in a polite way. Humbleness is not a qualification of lower ranked employees but leaders should be humble as well.


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