Quality Assurance

Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP is a quality assurance system for food manufacturing. GMP regulations cover factory layouts, infrastructure, all aspects of production system, starting from planning, production system control, storage, quality assurance and shipping to customers. GMP also has a system to record an essential information for each procedures. Every written information and quality of each products can be traced and checked. Sanitation and hygiene is a part of GMP  process to check up quality standards of each factories or organizations.

Halal is an Arabic word. It means adherence of Islamic legislation on productions, services or distributions. Therefore, Halal food must be produced under Islamic dietary guidelines and strictly considered on source of food, slaughter, food preparations, food processor, food packing, food  preservation and food shipping. An appearance of Halal symbol on packaging must be approved by Halal committee, Central Islamic committee in Thailand or Islamic committee in each provinces. Halal certification is guaranteed that Islamic people can consume and utilize products and services without an offense of Islamic legislation.

Carnipure trademark is certified by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan, and it is guaranteed as a high quality of L- Carnitine,  manufactured with high standards and safety for customers.

About the Awards
By spearheading the Innovation Revolution, The International Innovation Awards® (IIA) is the most coveted regional recognition program where it recognizes outstanding innovations, and in the process encouraging organizations to continue investing in innovations.

Thailand Trust Mark is a symbol of excellence and trusted quality that was established to add distinctive value to Thai products and services that are made in Thailand.