Net Weight: 7 กรัม/ ซอง (6 ซอง / กล่อง)

Thai FDA Registered Number : 10-1-6010015711


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How to use:
  • Apply evenly over your face and neck and blend it. Use it 15 – 20 minutes before your full makeup or facing sunlight.

  • This product contains UV protection substance, it may reduce dangers from sunlight.
  • Use only as directed.
  • Discontinue use if irritations persists.

  • Active Ingredients

    Collagen has low weight and small molecule. The body can absorb easily which is benefit for anti-wrinkle and increases the density of collagen fiber under skin. It also helps increase the synthetic of Hyaluronic acid and protect UVA radiation damage (1).

    Vitamin B3 is listed as "niacinamide." Vitamin B3 is a potent cell-communicating ingredient that offers multiple benefits for aging skin. Niacinamide can improve skin’s elasticity, dramatically enhance its barrier function, help erase discolorations, and revive skin’s healthy tone and texture (2).

    Aloe vera is rich of Aloctin, Aloimodin, Alocin, Aloin, Glycoprotein, and Polysaccharides. Jelly or texture of aloe vera is rich of Aloe-cmidin, Aloesin, Aloin, Glycoprotein, and so on. The attributes of aloe vera are 1. shrinking pores, 2. nourishing skin, 3. reducing skin inflammation, 4. better in carrying and absorbing of water, 5. stimulating of collagen creation, 6. reducing dark spots, and 7. killing bacteria.

    Stay C 50 is the high stay Vitamin C, it restrains bacteria. Working with Chorantha extract to reduce oiliness, so it eliminates two major of acne causes. It helps hasten peeling off dead skin, tighten pores, reduces clogged pores that cause to acne creation, and reduces dark spots. Also prevents oxidation reaction that effects to bad skin.

    Alpha Arbutin is an extraction from Bearberry that can be found in Wisconsin and New Jersey of United States of Americ, and some areas of Canada. It's the Hydroquinone which is one of the best result in reducing dull skin, dark spots, and freckles. AlphaArbutin can be found in premium whitening product due to the high price of Alpha Arbutin and it has better attribute more than regular whitening product. Attributes of Aloha Arbutin are 1. Driving to healthy and brighten skin, 2. Reducing dark spots, and wrinkles on face, 3. Reducing dull facial skin from sunlight.

    Algisium C is full of Hydroxy, that helps in giving moisture, nourishing skin for long, reducing skin inflammation efficiently such as reducing irritation, itching, and redness. Apart from that, it's also protect skin from free-radical which is a toxin in air pollution, and anti-aging. Algisium C is a substance of Organosilicon type. Normally, the tissue involved in dermis area will consists of Organosilicon. It's responsible for maintaining the structure, and strengthening to this tissue. When skin is getting older, it will lack of Organosilicon that cause to sensitive skin and dull skin creation.


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